Science show: Living in Space

  • 8 Mar 2022 - 21 Jul 2022
  • £280 +VAT per class (up to 35 children)

Explore what it takes to launch an astronaut into space and how the entire crew of scientists, engineers, and trainers have a role to play.

Discover the wonders and challenges of life in space including how to stay healthy, deal with the effects of microgravity and investigate the materials to use for a spacesuit.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn that ESA stands for European Space Agency and that Tim Peake is the first British ESA astronaut.
  • Discover how astronauts get into space and how they return back to Earth.
  • Learn that the International Space Station is a big science lab in space and what the challenges of living and working in space are.
  • Find out about the people involved in sending astronauts into space.
  • To identify the best material to make a spacesuit from.

Curriculum links:

Working scientifically

  • Asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways
  • Observing closely, using simple equipment
  • Performing simple tests
  • Identifying and classifying
  • Using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions

Everyday materials

  • Distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made
  • Identify and name a variety of everyday materials
  • Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials

Uses of everyday materials

  • Identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials for particular uses

Audience: Key Stage 1
Duration: 30mins

Available selected dates in ’22:

Spring: 8 – 31 March
Summer: 26 April – 21 July

Remember: We’re closed on Mondays during term time!

All visits include

  • Two hours to explore our galleries
  • 30 minute science show for your class only
  • Your very own Enabler, to greet and guide you, and make sure you have a great day!
  • Dedicated lunch space

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