Science Show: From the Chew to the Poo

  • 7 Jan 2020 - 1 Apr 2020
  • £6.75 (Excl. VAT) per child, Key Stage 2

Follow the amazing journey of a banana sandwich from the first moment it is chewed to the last moment it is pooed!

Learn about the digestive system and importance of having a healthy, well-balanced diet. Children will find out how our body absorbs the vitamins and minerals it needs and more amusingly how it gets rid of what we don’t need.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the different parts of the digestive system and the role of each in digestion.
  • Learn about teeth and their role in the mechanical breakdown of food in the mouth.
  • Using the eatwell plate to identify the key nutrient groups and the foods they are found in.
  • Understand the components of a balanced diet.
  • Understand that our body absorbs nutrients from the food we eat and how it gets rid of what we don’t need.
  • Learn that it’s important to eat foods which contain fibre, drink lots of water and take plenty of exercise to keep the digestive process running smoothly.

Curriculum links:

Animals, including humans

  • Identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition and they get nutrition from what they eat.
  • Describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans.
  • Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.
  • Recognise the impact of diet and exercise on the way their bodies function.
  • Describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.


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3 – 20 November

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