Halifax: Out of this World

  • 9 Jan 2024 - 19 Jul 2024
  • £300 +VAT per class of up to 35 children

Location: Halifax only

In this 30min show children will take a whistle stop tour of the solar system exploring how astronauts get into space, why we get day & night and learning some facts about the planets.
Containing a mix of presenter led and volunteer demonstrations as well as full audience participation, this is a fun way of introducing the topic for KS1 groups before they go on to study Earth & Space in KS2.

Learning objectives: 

  • How & why astronauts use rockets to get into space. 
  • That gravity is an invisible force which pulls things towards the earth. 
  • That the word ‘orbit’ describes the movement of the earth and planets around the sun. 
  • Why we get day & night and that there are 24 hours in one day. 
  • That the sun is a star and that it gives the earth light and heat. 
  • That it takes the earth 1 year or 365¼ days to orbit the sun. 
  • The names and the order of the 8 planets in our solar system. 

Audience: Key Stage 1

Available selected dates:

Spring: 8 Jan – 22 Mar ’24
Summer: 8 Apr – 22 Jul ’24

Remember: We’re closed on Mondays during term time!

All visits include

  • Two hours to explore our galleries
  • 30 minute science show for your class only
  • Your very own Enabler, to greet and guide you, and make sure you have a great day!
  • Dedicated lunch space
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