Halifax & Wirral: The Gross Lab

  • 8 Apr 2024 - 18 Jul 2025
  • £300 +VAT per class of up to 35 children

Location: Halifax & Wirral during Autumn, Spring and Summer terms

One of our most popular and enduring science shows, and perfect for your KS1 class. Join our resident Grossologists to explore the science behind all the icky, sticky and yucky stuff our bodies do and find out why they are important.

Explore scabs, saliva, germs, digestion, mucus and more, with a range of hands-on (yuck!) demonstrations for your class.

And the best bit? You don’t have to clear up the mess afterwards… You’re welcome!

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how a scab protects the healing skin underneath when you cut yourself.
  • Discover how saliva helps you to swallow your food and also kills bacteria in your mouth.
  • Recognise and name some of the organs involved in the digestion process and the jobs they do.
  • Learn how burps and poops are caused by a build-up of gas in either the stomach or the large intestine.
  • Understand that the mucus in our nose traps dust, germs and other things in the air and stops them from getting into the lungs.
  • Understand why we might be sick and that doing so is one way our body looks after itself.
  • Recognise how easily germs can spread and the importance of practising good hygiene.

Curriculum links:

Working scientifically

  • Asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways
  • Observing closely, using simple equipment
  • Using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions

Combine Gross Lab with a gallery visit to All About Me – our gallery dedicated to the human body!

Audience: Key Stage 1
Duration: 30mins

Available selected dates:

Summer: 8 Apr – 22 Jul ’24
Autumn: 25 Sep – 19 Dec ’24
Spring: 14 Jan – 4 Apr ’25

Remember: We’re closed on Mondays during term time!

All visits include

  • Two hours to explore our galleries
  • 30 minute science show for your class only
  • Trained Enablers to support your visit
  • Dedicated lunch space
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