Memorable learning in a COVID-safe setting

Eureka! is designed to inspire children in Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2 to learn through play. We’re re-opening school bookings for the Autumn 2021 term and can’t wait to welcome you back!

With 400+ interactive exhibits in our six cross-curricular galleries, we bring learning to life. Our helpful, expert staff are here to support you and make sure that your school trip is a COVID-secure, stress-free, fun-packed day that your pupils will never forget!

All visits include

Your own Enabler to guide your visit

30 minute science show or story session

Stay in your bubble to explore our galleries

Social distancing to maintain your bubble

Limited public visitors on schools days

Dedicated lunch space, just for your bubble

What'll happen when you're here?

What's included?
£280+VAT per bubble

  • Your own Enabler to guide you throughout your visit
  • 30 min science show or EY story session
  • 2 full hours to explore the museum in your bubble
  • Optional pre-booked goody bags

30 Minute Science Show

Choose from our two most popular science shows, or a story session for EY groups:

Gross Lab (KS1)

Join our resident Grossologists to explore scabs, saliva, germs, digestion, mucus and more, with a range of hands-on (yuck!) demonstrations for your class.

Chew to the Poo (KS2)

Follow the journey of a banana sandwich from the moment it is chewed to the moment it is pooed, learning about the digestive system and healthy diet along the way!


We’ve put extensive measures in place to ensure that Eureka! is COVID-safe, including enhanced cleaning, additional hand sanitisers, screens and facemasks for our staff, and anti-viral misting.


Visit our updated Museum FAQs for more information.

Accessibility &
special needs

We are proud to be a fully accessible venue for all visitors. Visit the Access Information page on Eureka! website on our main website for more details about our services and facilities for disabled visitors, including a Changing Places facility, chill out room, and more.

Visit our online Sensory Guide for information for visitors with sensory conditions.

Where is Eureka!?

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum
Discovery Road, Halifax HX1 2NE

01422 330069


How to find us

Eureka! is in Halifax, right next door to Halifax Train Station. If you’re driving, follow the brown tourist signs to our car park (coach parking free for school visits).


When can we visit?

To start with we're only taking bookings for Tuesdays & Wednesdays in the Autumn term from 14th September 2021.

If there is demand, we may look at scheduling additional dates.

How much will our visit cost?

Our current prices are:
£280 excl. VAT per bubble (of up to 35 children).
£294 per bubble incl. VAT

How and when do we need to pay?

You must pay a 50% deposit within 2 weeks of making your booking. The remaining balance is due on the day of your visit.
If payment is not received before or on arrival, a £20 invoice charge will be added.

Read our full Schools Terms & Conditions

What happens if I need to cancel our visit?

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your booking. The amount of refund to which you are entitled depends on how much notice you give us:

More than 2 weeks: Full refund
Less than 2 weeks: 50% refund – effectively surrendering your deposit.

If you have to cancel the booking within 2 weeks of the date of your visit due to the class self-isolating, the cancellation policy will still apply. We are opening the museum exclusively for a limited number of schools which has a financial impact on Eureka!, and visits that are booked but then not taken up have a direct impact on our future sustainability.

For a schools-only day to go ahead, we need a minimum number of bookings. If the minimum number has not been reached 2 weeks before the date of your visit, the day will be cancelled and we will reimburse any fees or deposit paid in full. 

Can we change our itinerary to arrive earlier or later?

In order to maintain social distancing, all groups will be allocated a set arrival time and an itinerary for their visit.

If you need to change this, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing or calling us on 01422 330069. We'll do our best to fulfill your request, however please note that we have limited flexibility, particularly if all other slots for that day have been booked up.

What science shows are available?

Choose from our two most popular science shows: Gross Lab and Chew to the Poo

What happens when we arrive?

Your dedicated group Enabler will meet your group outside.

Your main group leader should sort out any final payment required. We’ll give your group a welcome talk – including some of the important things you need to know about visiting Eureka! – before taking you into the museum to begin your guided visit.

Please try to stick to your confirmed arrival time. We will be operating quite a strict timetable for the day to ensure that groups are suitably spread out across the museum.

What happens if we're running late or early?

Don’t panic – traffic jams happen!

Just call our main number on 01422 330069 to let us know that you’re running late, and roughly by how long (if you know) and we’ll do our best to ensure that your class doesn’t lose out.

If you arrive early, you can either play outside until you are due to enter the museum or possibly come inside if there is room.

Will there be somewhere to store our coats and bags?

We have large metal trolleys available for you to store coats, bags and lunches in. We’ll have them ready for you when you get here.

Do we get to visit the Gift Shop?

For the moment a visit to the Gift shop is not included in the school package but you can pre-order goody bags for your pupils for just £3.50 each. Download and fill in our Goody Bag Order Form.

Is all of Eureka! accessible?

We’re VERY proud to be a fully accessible museum, with a range of support and facilities available for disabled visitors, including a Changing Places facility, chill out room and more.

Visit the Access Information page on our main website for detail information.

Can I change the number of children attending?

Bookings are currently taken for bubbles of up to 35 children, and are charged accordingly. You can alter/amend the number of children within that bubble as required, though if the number goes above 35 children you will need to book for another "bubble"

Some of the children in my class already have an Annual Pass for Eureka, can they use it?

No. Annual Passes are for general museum entry only, so cannot be used for school visits.

Does a school booking include an Annual Pass?

No. School bookings are for day admission only, and so not an Annual Pass upgrade.

I’m a Home Educator – can I book a school visit?

No. Visit the Home Educator page on our main website for more information and to subscribe to our Home Educator mailing list.

How are you going to keep our bubble safe and physically distanced from other groups visiting?

By limiting the number of groups/bubbles to six, we can ensure that each group will remain separate throughout their visit.

Your pupils will stay within their bubbles when they explore the galleries and move around the museum. You will also have an Enabler to guide you around the museum and make sure that groups stay apart.

Visit our updated Museum FAQs for more information.

Will we still be able to play with everything?

Yes all the main galleries and interactives are now open. We’ve ramped up all our cleaning protocols and are even using a disinfectant “Fogging” system (see below) to ensure interactives can be played with. At this time our picnic train carriage remains closed.

Visit our updated Museum FAQs for more information.

Do teachers and accompanying adults need to wear a face covering?

Children do not need to wear face coverings while at Eureka! – we want to see them smile! However, in line with government guidance the wearing of face coverings at indoor attractions remains compulsory for adults at this time, unless you have a medical exemption or a legitimate reason, therefore all adults accompanying children on a school visit will need to wear a face covering.

At some points in the museum, like the admission desk, information desk, café and shop tills, you will see we have also installed some screens to keep our staff and visitors safe and in all indoor public spaces staff will also be wearing face coverings.

We welcome everyone and recognise there are circumstances where, for health, age or accessibility reasons, some visitors will not be able to wear face masks or coverings. We ask that fellow visitors are respectful and mindful of individual circumstances.

Visit our updated Museum FAQs for more information.

How are you keeping Eureka! clean?

High level and deep cleans throughout the museum have been carried out prior to reopening. On a day-to-day basis we’ll have additional janitors keeping the toilets, lunch spaces and communal areas clean, and you’ll also see our Enablers keeping galleries clean throughout the day. We’re also using a weekly fogging process to ensure all the interactives are kept extra clean.

We’re cleaning toilets and lunch areas between use by groups/bubbles.

How does ‘Fogging’ work?

Fogging is a well-established disinfectant spraying technique which has been used in hospitals and laboratories for many years and because of COVID-19 many more organisations are now using it including nurseries, schools and visitor attractions.

Every week we will be using a specialist agency that is able to saturate the museum with a virucide solution which is completely non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. This process is harmless to humans and animals but kills 99.99% of bacteria including the Coronavirus family. Although this process is effective for up to 3 weeks, we’ll be carrying this out every week.

Do you have a Risk Assessment showing the new measures that have been taken?

Yes! It can be found in our Resources section, along with our other Risk Assessments.

Can we book a visit for 2022?

We're still planning our 2022 programming at the moment.

You can get in touch to register your interest for particular dates, and we'll get back to you as soon as we've confirmed our 2022 plans.

What are the lunch and toilet arrangements during our visit?

Only one group will be using a set of toilets or lunch area at a time. Once that group is finished, they will be cleaned before another group is able to access them.

Each group will have two designated slots in their itinerary for the whole group to use the toilets, one when they arrive and the other after lunch. There will then be separate toilets that be used if required outside of those times for individuals.

How to book a school or group

Please send an email initially to It’s really useful if you can include the following information, even if it’s approximate:

  • When you’d like to visit
  • Roughly how many children will be coming, and which Key Stage they are